Release Album “RAGE OF GODS” on 5th March 2016

Luc Seeuws (re)joins PatriarcH. He was already in the band in the period of our “World Without Worlds” album.
Line-up 2015
Kevin Vangelooven / Vox
Tweeva / Bass
Luc Seeuws / Drums
Stijn Claessen / Guitar
Fred Mylemans / Guitar

Kris de Bie leaves the band and will be temporary replaced by Ruben Mylemans, while PatriarcH continues to search for another drummer.

In February 2013 the mixing and mastering of the Demo-CD was finished
and the band is ready to hit the stage again….

Meanwhile the search for a new guitar player took place and in September 2012 guitar player Stijn Claessen (Casualty, Damage Control, Undefeated) joins PatriarcH

Line-up 2012
Kevin Vangelooven / Vox
Tweeva / Bass
Kris de Bie / Drums
Stijn Claessen / Guitar
Fred Mylemans / Guitar

In march 2011 a new vocalist was found, Kevin Vangelooven (ex- Native Instinct)
joined the band. The band reworked the songs that were planned for the album
and decided to record a demo before recording a full album.
Halfway through the recordings Ronny Clé decided to leave the band, due to several other bands he’s playing in and the lack of time to finish his parts.
Fred recorded the rest of the rhythm parts and the rest of the solos were handled
by guest musician Bert Caers.

In March 2009 the band parted ways with Vocalist Ortwin, and former vocalist Erik Rinkes rejoined the band.
Several gigs were done with Erik as frontman and new songs were written
to start recording a new album.
However due to circumstances the band decided to part ways with Erik
once again, so the search for a new vocalist began.

Album “MANKIND – THE VIRUS” released in 2008

Demo “BLACK HARVEST” released in May 2006


Line-up 2005
Ortwin Lietaert / Vox
Ronny Clé / Guitar
Kris de Bie / Drums
Tweeva / Bass
Fred Mylemans / Guitar

With this line up the band released :
– Demo “BLACK HARVEST” released in May 2006
– Album “MANKIND – THE VIRUS” released in 2008

In 2000 they released “INSIDE” as a split single with After All, released on Cannibaelus Records as a limited edition 7” on red vinyl..

In November 1998 the band recorded a new 4-track demo: “Deity”.
During the last weeks of 1998, PATRIARCH recorded 4 songs, 1 in the 71BeLOW-studio (Kasterlee, Belgium) and 3 other in the AUDIO ART-studio (Aichtall, Germany). It was released in 1999.


After the original vocalist left the band, a new vocalist, ERIK RINKES, joined the band in September 1991.
A new album was recorded at the T&T-studio in Gelsenkirchen, and mixed at the RA.SH-studio by Ulli Pösselt. The second album was titled “WORLD WITHIN WORLDS” and it was released in February 1993.

The debut-album “PROPHECY” was released in December 1990. It was recorded at the RA.SH -studio in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and produced by Ulli Pösselt.

When one of the founding members died in a car crash accident in March 1988, and two other groups with the same name PARIAH both released an album, the band members decided to change their name into PATRIARCH.
A new demo was recorded and this resulted in a deal for 2 albums with the German label SHARK RECORDS.

The band was formed in February 1983, it was named PARIAH.
Two demos were recorded. One song from the first demo was also released on the NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS compilation “SATAN’S REVENGE”. This song had the same title “SATAN’S REVENGE” and appeared only on the tape-version of this album.

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Thanks to Eddy Vermeiren.